No hardware or hidden fees. Just 1.5% per transaction.

Transforms the way you get paid with Tap to Pay

1. Key in the amount and hit charge
2. The app is now ready to accept payments
3. Your customer taps their card or smartphone to the back of your device
4. The Payment accepted! Send an e-receipt or exit page
It pays to get paid with Dapio, revolutionise the way you do it.
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Sales reports ready to go whenever you need them so you can focus on your business
Get set up quickly and start taking payments in minutes
We’re a payment app built into your phone so no more clunky card readers
On to the go
Key in the amount, tap, payment. It really is as simple as one, two, three
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
Why Dapio?
We put you in control and help you sell your brand to the world
Built for business
We turn your phone into a card reader so it’s all there and ready to go whenever you are
Time saving
.... £0
Monthly costs. No hidden fees.
.... 1.5%
Fee per transaction
asked questions
What is Tap to Pay?
Tap to Pay lets you get paid directly through your Android smartphone,
without the additional hardware, plugins or dongles. Just an app, and a smartphone.
Why Tap to Pay?
Tap to Pay is quick, simple, and secure. Perfect for on the go sellers looking
to carry just one device, their existing smartphone.
Which Android devices support the Dapio app?
Your device needs to have an Android system of 8.1 or higher with
embedded NFC for our app to work.
Which payment methods are accepted by Dapio?
We accept Visa and Mastercard payments, along with e-wallets Apple Pay,
Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
I want to offer Tap to Pay, can I partner with Dapio?
Yes! Our partners mean the world to us, and we are always on the lookout for
likeminded businesses to join the Tap to Pay club. Dapio make payments simple.
Experience it for yourself. Request a demo >
What is your transaction fee?
1.5%. Simple.
How much does your app cost to run?
Currently our app costs £0, all you’ll have to pay is the 1.5% transaction fee..
Like what you see?
Get the full picture anytime, anywhere.
Tap into real time sales data, compare week on week (or year on year!) and get an easy to understand deep dive of your business, with the seller dashboard.
Manage your business from anywhere. Sales reports here whenever you need them, wherever you are.
Exportable reports
Keep an eye on your team members sales, and track their performance, anytime, anywhere.
Track top performers
Get an easy to understand data dump so you can get insights and make better business decisions.
Seller insights
Add employees to your Dapio account so they can take payment too.
Team management
We protect your customers transactions with enhanced security for high-volume payments. For transactions that go beyond the contactless limit, We require a Pin-on-Glass verification for in person payments, because your peace of mind is worth protecting.
Transaction protection
Our fraud prevention process is true to the KYC/AML playbook, with automated transaction monitoring, while working with trusted third party players.
Fraud protection
We take security and confidentiality very seriously, which is why our app features a state-of-the-art encryption technology which neither our employees nor our customer service representatives have access to.

We also use data masking to hide card details from plain view, that cannot be easily identifiable or reverse engineered, protecting data classified as sensitive. For example **** **** **** 1234.
Safe encryption
We're in the business of making your transactions safe. That's why we go above and beyond what data security standards require. We've been PCI-DSS L3 certified since 2021, and continuously monitor and improve our data security processes.
PCI Certified
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
End-to-end Security
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