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Discover a simpler way to receive payments with Dapio Payment Links

It should be the easy part. But for many business owners, getting paid for goods and services can prove unexpectedly challenging. Whether chasing up late payments or rectifying accounting errors, receiving money online can be a drain on time and resources. But no longer.

Dapio’s Payment Link technology streamlines the payments process to create a smoother experience for both buyer and seller. Suitable for businesses great and small, our automated billing solution helps take the heavy lifting out of online transactions.

What is a payment link?

A payment link is a unique URL that directs buyers to a customised webpage, hosted by Dapio. Here, clients can view an itemised list of goods and services rendered, and can complete transactions using the secure payment methods provided.

As a simple yet effective billing tool, payment links can be used in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • One-time payment links are shared through social media, instant messaging, text, or email.
  • Custom payment links are attached to email invoices, with detailed pricing breakdowns.
  • A clickable ‘buy’ button which redirects to a merchant’s checkout page

How are payments made?

You don’t need to be a coding expert to integrate Dapio Payment Links into your billing process.

Our tech does the hard work so that sellers can focus on what they do best.

To help explain just how simple it is, we’ve broken the whole process down into seven easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Seller generates a unique payment link using their Dapio app.
Step 2: Seller shares the link with their customer (through email, text, or online messaging).
Step 3: The customer opens the link and is directed to a safe webpage hosted by Dapio.
Step 4: The customer fills in their Visa/Mastercard details and hits ‘pay’.
Step 5: The customer may have to complete additional security measures as per their issuing bank.
Step 6: Payment is made!
Step 7: Funds will settle in the seller’s account within 3 business days.

Key advantages of Payment Links

Dapio’s seamless payments solution offers many benefits for buyers and sellers alike. It’s not just about convenience. It’s about creating a frictionless system that facilitates quicker transactions, helping business owners keep pace with modern markets. And that’s not all!
Supplementary benefits of incorporating Payment Links include:

  • Reduced capacity for human error
Payments can be initiated without the need for manual input, eliminating the potential for inaccuracies.

  • Effortless record keeping
Historical transactions are automatically stored within Dapio’s payment ecosystem, reducing admin requirements.

  • A professional touch
Say goodbye to outmoded invoices. Our smart payment solution will impart a sophisticated feel to your business.

  • Secure payments
All Payment Link transactions benefit from high level client safeguards, ensuring a trustworthy market environment.

Who benefits?

We all have something to give. From physical items to professional services, the online economy is a diverse and dynamic marketplace. Dapio Payment Links are designed to reflect this rich tapestry of ecommerce, promoting accessibility through its user-friendly technology.

All businesses thrive on efficiency, which is why the manifold benefits of Payment Links can be enjoyed by a variety of enterprises, including:

  • Individuals selling items online, eg - Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Freelancers or consultants offering professional services online.
  • Businesses without an online store or physical point of sale system.

Why Dapio?

The digital payment revolution is here, and Dapio is leading the way. Our smart payment solutions help businesses transform the way they receive money. As the commercial world continues to evolve, we deliver industry-leading innovations to help companies stay ahead of the curve.

To find out more about how Dapio’s products can improve your business, visit https://dapio.com/.