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How to use technology to optimise your small business

People have run businesses since you wore diapers and since your grandparents wore diapers.
The concept of selling products or services in exchange for something beneficial has been around for ages, and business owners have used various tools at their disposal to make their hustle more efficient and profitable. Luckily, due to innovation, these tools are becoming better and easier to use. Now, tech is so advanced that you can make your business more productive without lifting a finger—okay, maybe just one or two.

There are a gazillion ways you can use tech to really optimise and even save money for your business. We are going to look at a few. Technology can help you:-

Build a terrific website

Picture this. You're about to open up shop, but it's a digital world, and you also have to take your business online. You need a website. Ordinarily, you'd have to hire a kick-ass website developer to build your new website. This meant shelling out wads of cash too.

However, that's not necessary anymore. You can build your website yourself! No, you don't need to learn how to code. Some digital tools/apps like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace let you create amazing eCommerce websites for your business without a single string of code. No need to pay through your nose when you can just DIY the whole bit with no stress.

Meet your target market:
Passing out flyers, placing ads on park benches, and spiffy signs are all great ways to make people aware of your business, but they aren't effective on their own anymore. At least, not in this age where your next customer can come from a country miles away from you.

To support your offline ads and to reach your customers, you need to go where they go.
The internet.

For example, there are over 5 million Google searches daily, and that's a lot of potential customers that may be looking for your product or service. Imagine the wonders that a nicely placed ad would do.

Social media is another great tool for finding your intended market. All you need to do is know what social media app your customers use and make your presence felt there.


Increase productivity

With tech, you can triple your productivity in a variety of ways. Instead of manually filling forms and ledgers, you can integrate software into your bookkeeping system to automate this.
The same with customer care. What happens when you're busy or away? Who attends to your clients when they have an issue? You can add support bots to your websites that'll help your customers figure out what they need. You can also delegate this time to remote customer service representatives too.

Can't stay focused on a task or wondering how long you spend restocking? Management tools can help you and your business keep on the right track and on time.

And now the moody important part—drumroll, please.

Manage and multiply your finances

Imagine not having to count out change or manually write receipts. Imagine receiving payments anywhere you are and not being restricted to your shop. Bliss, right?

Payment tech has received from the ancient cash register that was clunky and sometimes inaccurate to your smartphone. These days you can receive payment from any part of the world in a blink of an eye and send back a receipt without printing anything on paper. All this is possible with advanced paytech like SoftPOS.

SoftPOS is the best option for small businesses due to the affordability and flexibility of the technology. It's like your regular POS but without all the hardware and maintenance expenses. SoftPOS uses NFC technology to turn your smartphone into a POS, so you can accept payments no matter where you are!

Isn't technology wonderful? And this is only the tip of the iceberg; there are hacks we haven't touched yet, digital tools that will wow you. All you need is curiosity, drive, and a willingness to try out new things—like SoftPOS—then watch your business scale to new heights.